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Dear Dr. Lowe,

Thank you so much for doing my surgery. My knee is doing pretty well now. I'm working on quad strengthening and all that good stuff. Suprisingly, I really like the CPM Machine a lot. Thank you again!

-Kirsten Mann

P.S. It is really cool, when you're watching football, and you see your doctor on the TV, and I'm like, "That's the ROCKSTAR doctor who did my surgery!"

I don't know if you remember me, but I had an ACL tear and a shoulder Lat tear in the same year, so I was seeing a lot of you all during that time. I just wanted to let y'all know that my repairs have been excellent, and I have not had any problems with them (knee or shoulder) at all!!! I've been playing soccer here for fun for some time now, and my leg is doing great!
Thanks for all you all did; I really, really appreciate it - my college experience here at Clemson has been awesome, thanks in part to y'all.
B. Garrison

Hello All,
You probably thought we had all dropped off the edge of California.  I had said I would send you a picture of Courtney (I have a great action shot that I need to figure out how to scan into an email).  Courtney has now finished her basketball season and I must say she played with much heart and total effort.  All of your advice was well heeded, even though Courtney does not know half speed or effort at anything she does.  When she started to play after we saw you, Dr. Lowe, in December here in California, she just continued to push and give more than 100%.  She was faithful to ice!!  As the season continued she became stronger and more confident.  She played all but a minute of the championship overtime game.  Even though we lost by 1, it definitely was one of her best games.  I know she feels she is not back all the way; she definitely has come a long way in a short amount of time.  None of it would have been possible without you or your staff. We are extremely grateful for the wonderful care before, during and after surgery.
Courtney decided not to play a spring sport this year, but instead to do a strength and conditioning program with the PT she worked with here in California.  She has her sights set on trying to play at the college level next year and has a number of choices to look at.  She works as hard at academics as she does sports and has been accepted at a wide variety of schools, mostly in California.  Her interest for course of study is still sports medicine.  Her experience with all of you definitely had a strong positive impact on her.  The next few months will be the time of much decision-making for her.
I have attached a page from our small local paper with an article about Courtney.  I tried my best to send only the one article on Courtney, but was not technologically savvy enough to get only the one article on a page in font that was big enough to read.  You share a large part of this honor with her.
Our best to all of you.
C. M.

Hi Dr. Lowe

I just want to say thanks again and let you know how much I appreciate your efforts in healing my shoulder injury. I've had problems with my shoulder for years and I saw different doctors but you were the one able to heal me in the end. I just hope you can do the same for our new quarterback.

My therapy has been rough on me but you were right to recommend that facility. In a couple of months, I will let you know how I'm doing but I'm confident that the surgery has helped me out.

Thanks again
A. Lee


Dr. Lowe asked me to let him know how Kelli is doing and to send action pictures.  She is doing fine and is going full speed. Cannot tell she ever had knee injury.

Please tell him how much we appreciate his skills and how fortunate we feel to have had Kelli's surgery done by him.

Also we are appreciative of you and the rest of the staff for helping Kelli.  We are recommending Dr. Lowe and his staff to anyone we come in contact with that could benefit from his and your services.

With kindest regards,
The Dunkin Family
Lufkin Texas

Thank you so much for allowing Vicky to serve once in her last high school match. The five girls on the court helped Vicky score the first point of the match off that serve! Here are 2 pictures from Tuesday's game.

Now, I want to say thank you to your wonderful staff. They made a scary surgery for a 17 year old a pleasant experience. No matter when I called they helped us through the rough times. They went the extra "mile" to make sure everything was ok.

Thank you,
B. Murphy

Melissa, I just wanted to say thank you and send an update and picture of Luke back in action in football to you and Dr. Lowe. I am sure you like to hear the successful recovery stories. Luke has had an awesome senior season with no problems. He is back in the recruiting process and hopes to play for Princeton next year. We wanted to thank you for all the kind words and the support you gave all of us during Luke's surgery and recovery. That was a extremely disappointing time for Luke and your kindness really meant a lot to us.

N. Landers

Dear Dr. Lowe,

I wanted to take a few minutes to personally thank you for giving our daughter back her dream. As you know, you fixed her up the second time around. This past year has been difficult for her as she hoped to always play in college. Yesterday for the first time, I saw her play like she did prior to surgery. She is so happy just to be on the field again. She is even considering going to Med School so she can help girls just like her. Thank you and may God Bless your hands.

M. Curras

Dr. Lowe:

Hi.  My daughter Aimee tore her ACL playing volleyball last August and you did the surgery 8-24-06.  She has been progressing nicely.  Thank you very much.  It has been a long hard road.  I also wanted to let you know how great you Sugarland staff is.  They are always easy to get in touch with and are always helpful.  Although, they are all great, I wanted to talk about Bubba in particular.  His manner in dealing with Aimee is outstanding.  At first, when she was so upset about the injury, she wasn't too sure about him, but by the second visit she loved him and he helped her get over herself and accept things.  He also came out to our school and taught sports metrics to the girls even though we live way out in the country.  He is great to talk to and he even mailed a book to me that I forgot at the office.  Thank you Dr. Lowe being the great doctor you are and for having a great staff.  Good luck to you in the future.


T. Mullins